Thursday, July 14, 2016

Current Listening List

  1. Sumac - What One Becomes - 2016
  2. Obscura - Akroasis - 2016
  3. Gojira - Magma - 2016
  4. Leviathan - Scar Sighted - 2015
  5. Zhrine - Unortheta - 2016
  6. Saint Vitus - Hallow's Victim - 1985
  7. Immortal Bird - Akrasia - 2013
  8. Baphomet's Blood - In Satan We Trust - 2016
  9. Killing Joke - Pylon - 2015
  10. Deathspell Omega - Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum - 2007

Saturday, April 16, 2016

ScrewTheART - ScrewTheBRT

Just so i put it out there - Screw the Albuquerque Rapid Transit.  As a user of the Bus System here in Albuquerque, there are many other routes that could benefit from an overhaul.

for more information on the opposition to the ART go to: 

And I also find it offensive that the mayor Berry and his group that is trying to shove this down Albuquerque's throat is using the acronym ART.  So no one gets confused on what i will be referring to i will refer to the transit plan as the BRT, Berry's Rapit Transit.

recent wonders, battle music

Mental Health problems make for intense battles.  Since February, i have been battling insurance and health care providers for timely and reasonable access to care.  Persons afflicted by diseases affecting mental health are the red-headed stepchild that everyone is so fond of slapping around.  Even though these are life long conditions they are treated as though they are a temporary malady.  Finding a Competent Medical Provider can be a challenge.  Very few psychiatrists are available, leaving CNP's, PA-C, and reluctant MD General Practitioners, the ones to treat the large  population.  In some states, as in New Mexico, there are prescribing Psychologists, both PhD and Psy-D. This does expand access, but with a largely impoverished population, access in new mexico is difficult in urban centers, but very limited in rural areas. Reimbursement rates for providers is not great here which has any patient seeing any number of different providers over the course of their treatment.  Exploitation of these patient populations by the Martinez administrations decision to eliminate access and then bring in out of state providers that have all but left, any provider that is currently overwhelmed by the number of people that have to be seen.

Then there is insurance.  We are dealing with an open market insurance that has now denied medications based on their cost cutting needs, not the patients best interest.

i wanted public option or medicaid for all.

This week has been spent battling with the medical provider and the insurance agency.  Missed work. Trying to avoid more costly measures for everyone, but they can't seem to see the long term costs in terms of now needing more expensive medical interventions due to them denying a medication that would cost them a third of what the more intensive intervention would.

So the soundtrack to the battles this week:

Icelandic Black Death.  Ævar Örn Sigurðsson is one of my absolute favorite bassists right now.  Don't expect this to be a review, you'd be better off just clicking above and hearing for yourself on their bandcamp pages. Zhrine has become one of my immediate favorites.  So it's fair to say that i have been playing them on Tombstone Rock on KUNM 89.9fm.  
Another providing the serenity for battle 

Abbath: To War

Everyday becomes a different battle with those that aligned against each other attempt to use the patient as a pawn,  Meanwhile the patient comes closer to complete collapse.  All of it preventable.
A patient walks into a clinic with a pain in the arm after taking a fall.  the patient is examined, In some of our systems a 12 hour wait might be the norm.   they are x-rayed and determined to have a fracture, and casted, followup appointments are scheduled.  Pain management is prescribed, most likely in the form of a pain killer.

A patent walks into a clinic after three weeks of nonstop panic attacks, near constant crying.  The patient is seen.  medications are prescribed, but denied by the insurance a week later.  It takes another week for the clinic to respond.  A week later still no change.  

We react to physical ailments with no hesitation.  Physical pain is treated immediately.  Respiratory infections are provided with comfort measures.  Mental and emotional afflictions are pushed aside and attributed to a lack of drive or will, forgetting that these are most likely symptoms of the disease.


Not the only time that this song gets played.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

This weeks Five Records rocking my world

Emptiness - Nothing but the Whole - (2014) Dark Descent Records
Nero Di Marte - Derivae - (2014) Prosthetic Records
Necrowretch - Putrid Death Sorcery - (2013)
Nocturnal Graves - From the Bloodline of Cain
Crucifyre - A Black Magic Fire (2014)

Most of these you will catch a song or two from on my weekly radio show on KUNM 89.9fm

For this weeks Tombstone Rock show go here: KUNM 2 Week Archive
  • follow the link
  • on the menus choose wednesday.  Then choose 11 PM
  • click play now

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Screw the Q Boredom? - There's plenty of events coming up.

If you take a look at the show and event listing above, you will notice that there is quite a bit going on over the next week.  Musically this town is on a roll.  But it will all begin Saturday night when you 21ers get into your car to head out to Madrid to catch The Imperial Rooster at the Mineshaft Tavern.  Make sure you got a sober driver so you can make it all back to town. Then be nice to your sober driver, pay them back and recover from your hangover the next morning on Sunday August 5, 2012 by having Brunch at Mint Tulip.  This will be the first of their First Sunday Brunches.  Sadly for me, I begin my 13 hour shift at my job across town at the exact time that they will begin serving what i expect will be a kickass Vegan brunch.  More Info here:

Later that evening you can head over to the Peace and Justice Center to catch The Catalyst, Prison of Sound and the first of a string of shows over the course of the week for Contortionist.  Going to be a blasting night.  Yeah, i am biased on this one.  As my band Prison of Sound gets to kick it around that night. And getting to preview the new The Catalyst record last night, i can tell you that they are not to be missed.  Afterwards you over 21ers can head down to catch Brapola's "Stolen Bike" Print show opening night down at Blackbird Buvette.

On down the week, Gusher will be having their tour kick-off at Sikhaus.  Joining in the revelry will be Farthouse, Ass Disastar, and the first of a 2 night appearance of Harbors... and Contortionist.  Check out Gusher at

Then the next night Some favorites from the damp northwest, Seattle to be exact, SAME SEX DICTATOR will be making a return to Burque.  They'll be sharing their two piece Heavy Loud and Blasting hardcore assault with Ronoso and Harbors!  All Ages over at the Peace and Justice Center - 202 Harvard SE.

Friday night you can go catch Contortionist wrap up their week of shows when they open for Glitter Dick, Tenderiseer, and drought down at the launchpad.  Gotta be 21 or over for this one. And if you are looking for food downtown from one of the carts, i suggest staying the hell away from jojo's something or another food truck.  Some of the most bland crap i have ever eaten.  And you can't even order most of the crap on their menu because they have their griddle off.  Here's a little hint to improve your food: Learn how to season your food, and learn how to wrap a burrito. Screw that Qart.

But Saturday, oh Saturday night.  Gonna screw responsibility and head over to the Small Engine Gallery for the CHAFFIN-POELINGS!!!! long long overdue return to Albuquerque.  Easily one of the best freaking bands out there.  To call them alt-country is almost an insult. They got twang, they're lofi, they got real heart and soul.  It's some pure genius.  Check here:
Chaffin-Poelings, along with ex-pats Gunsafe (i wish they were playing this show too) are two main reasons I would start a Country and Crust record label if I had the time and resources.  Instead I will just yell at all you out on the street to go check them out.  Fingers are tired, but it's time for be to tend to the garden.

And something else that needs to be mentioned:  Screw the Bigots, Racists, and Homophobes that seem to be coming out to shows a bit more.  You are idiots, you are not macho, you are not cool, and not welcome at these events.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some Upcoming Tidbits!

Here's a little preview of some shows coming up in the next week:

22.Sun.July @ Launchpad with Witchaven, Ronoso, Aoticev, and The Conjuring.

Scaphe:  Going to be playing at Studio Broadway (1810 Broadway SE, with Doomed to Exist and Laughing Dog) Can be heard here:
 Genocaust have ex-pat Dorian from Noisear playing guitar.  These heads from Tuscon are going to be playing with Severed Savior, Arkaik, End To End, Defleshment, and Impaled offering @ Amped Performance Center 6:30pm $10 All Ages

Thursday, June 7, 2012

DJ Caterwaul Presents the Lowlife Mixtape

Snagged the following from  much easier than trying to explain it myself.  No Matter- you need to see this!

Caterwaul presents the Low Life Mixtape

06/08/2012 7:00 pm
06/08/2012 9:18 pm
Fri. June 8- One night only! Caterwaul presents the Low Life Mixtape!
Caterwaul curates a video mess-tape, gleaning clips and shorts from teetering piles of VHS tapes & DVDs of underground, experimental & obscuro video, most less than 5 minutes in length. The Low Life Mixtape is inspired by many video mixtape pioneers such as WFMU’s That’s Irritainment!, 5 Minutes to Live, Forbidden Transmission, Other Cinema, Everything is Terrible!, Viva VHS & others. It borrows from mainstream sources, cult films, independent filmmakers, “WTF cinema”, and a whole lotta music video.
It’s a thick visual braid woven from strands of source material both scary & sublime, stupefying & surreal, mystifying & mindblowing, ridiculous & ROCKIN’ - a cinematic feast for the mind & body. Expect head-scratching oddities, brain-warping experiments, eye-popping animation, jaw-dropping verite’, gut-wrenching tastelessness, footstompin’ music, and oh yes, MUCH MORE.
Gentlemen rockers Fando will provide the live soundtrack to a longer piece about halfway through this two-plus hours cinematic feast. You don’t want to miss this rare appearance by the best psychpunk/mindfuck outfit in town!
@ The Guild Cinema (3405 Central NW) show starts at 7pm w/ live musical intermission 8-8:20pm, $7/$5 after intermission. If you’re short on time, feel free to drop in or out at any point, but definitely stop by!
Here's the TrailOr: If it don't below, click here.